Lady Chaton

This mystery has been solved! Lady Chaton is part of The Hivemind secret!

Mystery Status: Solved

Lady Chaton is a nightborne found in the Midnight Court in the Court of Stars. She lives together with her manakittens: Shadow, Mew, Mrs. Fluffymuffins, Bella and Ash.

Petting the Cats

Petting the cats will give them a stack of Purring that lasts for 6 seconds. If the buff falls off, or if you pet any cat while it has 10 stacks, they will jump behind you with Manakitten and stun you for 3 seconds with Manascratch.

Manascratch buff is "You must have pet it too much... or too little?" and this implies that there might be a set number of times you must pet each cat in order for something to happen.

Three other "Manakitten" spells have been datamined, all having similar descriptions: Manakitten, Manakitten, Manakitten.

Cat Investigation

Lady Chaton gives precise indications about what the cats like, which could be clues for this secret:

  • Shadow is always losing his toys in his adventures, down to the Menagerie or through the Twilight Vineyard. Two toys were datamined: Lost Cat Toy and Lost Cat Toy which read "Triggered the magical defenses of a cat toy that was lost behind a dresser."
  • Mew loves treats to the point where Lady Chaton avoids the word so the cat doesn't hear her.
  • Mrs. Fluffymuffins is quite the connoisseur when it comes to tasty things, and her favorite food is mana cake!
  • When Bella was a kitten, she used to antagonize Mrs. Fluffymuffins, and during one of those spats Bella got her ear tored.
  • Ash loves to climb anything he can and steal other kitties' toys, including Shadow's toy ball.

Datamined NPCs

Lady Chaton
Mrs. Fluffymuffins
Phaseshifting Platform

Datamined Spells

Lost Cat Toy
Lost Cat Toy
Ominous Orb
Ride Vehicle
Analysis Pulse

You can take the kittens outside of the house by petting them and then moving away about 20 yards. If you move them enough distance, they will stand still and not attempt to go back to the house.

Cat Lady Reference

Since "Chaton" means "Kitty" in French, and the NPC quotes the can't hug every cat video from youtube, it's very likely that Lady Chaton is just another reference.

Lady Chaton Dialogue

You can place the arcwine right over-- oh, I don't recognize you. Which means... you must be new around here! Let me introduce you to my darlings!

(She points to one of the manakittens.)

This is Shadow. He's always losing his toys, carrying them off on his many adventures. Where do you go, little one? Down to the Menagerie to see the exotic creatures of the world? Through the fragrant Twilight Vineyard? Perhaps next time you can bring back a trinket from your travels! Well, I suppose he did bring me back something from one of his excursions once. My sweet boy, Mew! One day I opened the door to let him in and, much to my surprise and delight, he had a little friend with him! And any friend of Shadow's must become a friend of mine.

(You attempt to get a word in, but are cut off.)

At first, he was peculiarly wary of me and wouldn't let me pet him, which, of course, made me even more determined. It took several years of persistence and T-R-E-A-T-S, never underestimate the power of T-R-E-A-T-S, but he has warmed up to me and we're BEST FRIENDS, just like I am with all of my other kitties!

I have to spell out the word so he doesn't hear me, otherwise he will caterwaul and beg, and, well, how can I say no to those enchanting eyes? Just look at them, look at them! They're so full of love and warmth and it just makes me so happey[sic] and warm inside! I do try to ration them out a bit so he doesn't become spoiled but, oh why am I putting on pretenses, I give him exactly how much he wants!

(They do seem well cared for.)

These kittens certainly deserve the best because they are the best and I wish I could share them with everyone in the world but I can't. Believe me, I've tried. It just means so much to me that you are here and can pet them. It's a good thing that I had two other cats to pet when I was gaining Mew's trust because if I didn't, why it pains me even now to think about this, it would have tormented me! Imagine having a home with no cat in it! I wouldn't even say that's a home, just a place you live in and if you don't have a cat then are you really living? Speaking of those two cats, there's one of them now, Mrs. Fluffymuffins!

(Mrs. Fluffymuffins?)

(She points to a third manakitten.)

Look at her, just sitting so patiently... I must say she has the most wonderful imagination when it comes to food. You would think she would be content with the fine fish we have here but, on the contrary, Mrs. Fluffymuffins is quite the connoisseur when it comes to tasty things. Believe it or not, her favorite food is, I can hardly believe it myself, mana cake!

I suppose it makes sense since my parents used to trea--excuse me, T-R-E-A-T her to it when I was a young girl. Only cat, only child... we made quite the pair.

(You seem to really like cats.)

(She starts sobbing.)

Sorry, I'm getting emotional... I just really love cats. I love every kind of cat. bombay cats, calico cats, siamese cats, tabby cats, fel-infused cats, not fel-infused cats, dawnsabers, felsabers, flamesabers, frostsabers, manasabers, mistsabers, moonsabers, nightsabers, runesabers, stormsabers, lions, lynxes, panthers, panthara, their coloration is gorgeous, especially the indigo variety, yet some say their temperament is unruly, however, I think those people just don't understand them like I do, tigers, spectral tigers... The absolute first thing I did upon leaving Suramar was to meet every kind of cat that I could, and I want to hug them all, but I can't hug every cat.

(She begins to cry again.)

(Are you alright?)

(She pauses for a moment, composing herself.)

Oh, I haven't introduced you to the rest of darlings yet!

Here is Bella! She used to antagonize Mrs. Fluffymuffins when she was a kitten, when Bella was a kitten, not when Mrs. Fluffymuffins was a kitten, that would be silly because she's ancient, and, oh my, it was during one of those spats that the poor dear tore her ear!

(Her ear... looks... fine?)

You can't tell now because I, of course had Suramar's finest physician and surgeon attend to her. Ah, and here's Ash. What a wily boy he can be! He loves to climb anything he can put his paws on and steal the other kitties' toys, which was quite a bother to the other three cats when he arrived. Bella doesn't mind, though, as she was just a kitten when she first met him. He especially enjoys stealing Shadow's toy ball, which really upsets him as it's his favorite. Usually I wouldn't let him keep something that filthy in my home but he loves it so it stays.


(She looks into the distance for a moment, lost in thought.)

...Sorry, I just, I REALLY LOVE CATS. I want to pet all of them but I can't because they're not here. I can't per EVERY cat. I can just pet my own cats and that's going to have to be enough.

(She wipes away a tear from her eye, and you sense that this may be your chance to end the conversation.)