Tortollan Wedding

The Tortollan Wedding is an event consisting entirely of Tortollan NPCs within a settlement just off the coast of Zuldazar.

The Tortollan Wedding consists of the Tortollan couple (a Tortollan Hardshell and a Tortollan Seeker), three Tortollan Scrollsages (one appears to be overseeing the ceremony with the further two casting fireworks) and three guests in attendance (a Tortollan Pilgrim and two Tortollan Travelers).

Tortollan Wedding Location

The Tortollan Wedding itself is found at 24.4 44.4 off the coast of Zuldazar.

/way 24.4 44.4 Tortollan Wedding

Tortollan Wedding Mystery

There is a single Tortollen Seeker in the settlement (a member of the wedding couple), and this is the only NPC that can be interacted with. Speaking with it a number of times gives us some standard speech, and the following:

Ah, an adventurer. What are your rates? I may need your help later with a rather... dangerous... precious item recovery.

The text indicates that this event may be tied to a secret, and that the settlement may not be there just for immersion and completeness, but may be there for a purpose, which we have yet to uncover.

Tortollan Wedding Details

The main road to the settlement can be found at 22.5 41.9 and is guarded by two Tortollan Hardshells. The settlement is in a ruined state, but well inhabited.

/way 22.5 41.9

Travelling up the road leads us to a number of buildings. We can see further Tortollan Hardshells on the road, appearing to be working on the ruins and supervising Tortollan Younglings.

In the building to the left of the main road we find a number of Tortollan Younglings being cared for and entertained by Tortollan Scrollsages.

Further left we find a building with a Tortollan Traveller resting.

Heading right from the main road we find a building that is guarded by two Tortollan Hardshells, and is inhabited by a Tortollan Tamer and a Tortollan Trader who appear to be in discussion.

Outside the building we can see a number of Tortollan Travellers and Tortollan Traders, with a single Tortollan Tamer surrounded by a number of pets. There are also many Tortollan Younglings playing in this area.

At the furthest collection of buildings, to the right of the main road, we find groups of three Tortollan Scrollsages outside each building. It appears that one of them is teaching and the other two are casting spells.

Huge thanks to Huglover from the Secret Finding Discord and Athena from Wings of Azeroth for helping us document the Tortollan Wedding.