Arena World Championship – Dragonflight Season 1

Blizzard has posted more details about the Arena World Championship competition for Dragonflight Season 1!

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Beginning January 20-22, the gates will open on the 2023 Dragonflight Season 1 Arena World Championship (AWC)! Tune in to all four Cups to see which teams will qualify to continue in the tournament, on Twitch and YouTube.

If the competition wasn’t already exciting enough, these Cups will present a plethora of new additions to the Arena World Championship, including both The Nokhudon Proving Grounds and Evokers! Competitors will battle for the title of both the champion of their series and the clan’s greatest warrior in The Nokhudon Proving Grounds, while tackling the tricky terrain that includes ramps, pillars, and a middle wall. Evokers are ready to prove themselves, as these scale-coated-competitors enter the AWC for the first time! 


  • Venue: Online - and
  • Date:
    • Cup 1: January 20-22
    • Cup 2: January 27-29
    • Cup 3: February 3-5
    • Cup 4: February 10-12
  • Broadcast Start Time: 10:00 am (PST) / 7:00 pm (CET)
  • Prize Pool: $400,000 (USD) across the entire season, $10,000 (USD) per Cup
  • Format: Double elimination, Best of 5


Sign-up today!

Registration is still open for AWC Cups 2-4, and with them your chance to earn the new Thundering Banner of the Aspects! This in-game toy will be rewarded to any AWC team that competes in a full AWC Cup. Sign up on GameBattles for the next tournament!

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