Baa’l Secret Pet Discovered!

Baa'l, the first secret pet in Battle for Azeroth has been discovered by the WoW Secret Finding Discord after they have been hard at work looking for clues. In order to get Baa'l, you will have to find multiple hidden pebbles scattered across Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

Click on the image above to be redirected to the guide:

It is unknown if this is the end of the secret, as Baa’l will say ominous things when summoned, and if you rearrange the capital letters from the quote below, you can form an anagram for "SEEK KNOWLEDGE".

Souls fEast on enDless shrieKing, in darKNess they writhe and scream, yOu WiLl join thEm, toGether forEver morE!