BlizzCon 2023 – World of Warcraft Guild Clash

Get ready for the ultimate clash, as BlizzCon 2023 brings World of Warcraft's top guilds and organizations to compete in a series in Arenas, Dungeons, and Raid Bosses from Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.

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The BlizzCon Guild Clash goes live Saturday, November 4! Get ready to watch Echo, Golden Guardians, Liquid, and Method match up in a variety of competitions including arenas, dungeons, and a special showcase within Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope for the first time. Enjoy the all-day show live at BlizzCon on Twitch and YouTube on Saturday, November 4 at 10:00am PDT (17:00GMT)

We’re bringing four of the most formidable guilds and organizations together to compete in a series of WoW Arenas, Dungeons, and Raid Boss encounters live from Anaheim, California!

This action-packed event will take place in the WoW hall at BlizzCon on Saturday, November 4. Watch every second of the show on the official Warcraft Twitch and YouTube channels!


The first activity of this event will consist of an arena competition with each guild fielding a roster of four players to face-off in a single-elimination bracket. Each semi-finals match will be best-of-five, and grand finals best-of-seven, with a team knocked out each round.

Meet the Teams

Whaazz, Raiku, Kubzy, Jaime
Echo have had an incredible year in the European AWC and will be a fierce team to watch in Guild Clash. Kubzy & Jaime join the roster for this event in place of Chanimal & Mehhx.

Golden Guardians
Pikaboo, Absterge, Wizk, Jellybeans
Always a crowd favorite, Golden Guardians have had one of their strongest years in the AWC in recent history. Known for their formidable Rogue, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman (RPS) they will be representing North America live from BlizzCon.

Cdew, Mes, Trill, Samiyam
A world class display in AWC 2023 resulted in Liquid reverse sweeping the Grand Finals to become the North America 2023 Champions. Watch the Champs live at the BlizzCon Guild Clash.

Asgarath, Brunhity, Maro, Merce
Formerly known as “The Agents,” Method have selected a strong squad to represent them at the BlizzCon Guild Clash. They’ve added longtime Arena veteran Maro to their ranks for the final event of the year.


The second activity of this event will be a dungeon competition taking place in the latest Dragonflight Season 3 dungeons including within the wings of the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon! This MDI-style head-to-head format will be single-elimination, with one team knocked out each round.

Meet the Teams

Meeres, Rycn, Andybrew, Tobo, Fraggo
Echo have been dominating dungeon competitions in recent years. Guild Clash will be a chance for some new members from their World First Raiding squad to show what they are made of and experience playing live at BlizzCon.

Golden Guardians
Nerftank, Ellesmere, Asuna, Onesie, Phu
With experience ranging from past MDI Winners, Great Push veterans, and—of course— a ton of high Keystones on live servers the roster coming together for their BlizzCon debut will be one to watch.

Shakib, Imfiredup, Driney, Sang, Xesevi
An incredible squad from Liquid’s World First Raiding team, they are set to play live in the new Season 3 dungeons at the BlizzCon Guild Clash. Shakib is a former MDI champion and the whole squad is full of high Keystone pushers.

Sco, Cruella, Danwar, Sjele, Roiben
The return of seasoned WoW veterans and some of the newest stars in Method’s roster makes this team one of the most interesting to watch at the BlizzCon Guild Clash.


In the final Guild Clash activity, a 10-player roster composed of a mix of players from four formidable guilds will venture into the new raid dungeon, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, to face off against several raid bosses before its release on live servers the week of November 14!

Meet the Team

Raid Team
Meeres, Danwarr, Ellesmere, Rycn, Cruella, Shakib, Sang, Trill, Tobo, Sjele
The best of Echo, Golden Guardians, Liquid, and Method group up to take on Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope on 10-player Heroic mode.

Learn more about the Guild Clash in our previously published article. Gather your friends for an epic watch party. It’s going to be quite the show.

BlizzCon® 2023 returns November 3 and 4 and additional tickets are still available. Can’t attend? Don’t worry. You’ll be able to watch all the content from the Anaheim Arena free. To commemorate the return of BlizzCon, you can also purchase the BlizzCon Collection with a new set of digital goodies for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games.