Class Trials – A List of Obtainable Mounts

Blizzard has changed how Class Trials work, preventing them from looting some specific rare mounts. Previously, class trials were used to check several different realms for rare mounts, often to share or speed up the camping process, which is no longer possible for some mounts.

The following mounts can be looted on trial characters:

  • Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
  • Luk'hok
  • Garrison Bosses
  • Grey Riding Camel
  • Mechagon, Nazjatar and Uldum Rares
  • Voidtalon

The following mounts cannot be looted on trial characters:

  • Alani
  • Argus Rares
  • Draenor Rares (except Luk'hok)
  • Frightened Kodo
  • Huolon
  • Pandaria World Bosses
  • Phosphorescent Stone Drake
  • Poseidus
  • Tanaan Rares
  • Time-Lost Proto Drake
  • Warbringers