Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

Blizzard has shared details on new accessibility options that they've implemented recently.

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Since our first Shadowlands update on accessibility, the team has been hard at work building new accessibility options and improving existing ones.

We hope to continue to build features that ensure the adventures in the Shadowlands and beyond are truly epic for everyone. All accessibility options can be found in the Interface panel of the Game Menu (default hotkey: Escape).

NEW: Unit Frame Mouseover Cast

Enable this option in the Interface panel under Combat. Once enabled, mousing over a unit frame and casting a spell will cast it directly on that unit without having it targeted.

This means that you simply activate this option to cast your spell directly at the target your cursor is hovering over. Press any assigned keybind to use the corresponding spell on your mouseover target (assuming it's a legal target for your spell—no healing the enemy!)

NEW: Click Cast Bindings

This option allows you to bind spells and macros to mouse clicks. You can then cast bound spells and macros by clicking directly on the unit frame, or set alternate click bindings using Shift, Ctrl, or Alt.

This option can be combined with the unit frame mouseover cast functionality to allow you to quickly cast spells at allies by hovering over them and clicking, or to swiftly switch targets to apply debuffs to multiple enemies.

NEW: Cursor Scaling

You can now increase the size of the default mouse cursor to make it easier to visualize. While this option already existed as a console command, it is now also available as a toggle in the Accessibility menu. Video.

UPDATED: Controller Support

We've made additional API updates to these control schemes improving support for controllers, touchpads, and gyros so addon creators can leverage them.

UPDATED: Text to Speech Updates

Text to speech now supports multiple chat tabs, and settings can now be saved at the account level rather than on a per character basis. In addition, enemy and boss dialogs and emotes have been added as options in text-to-speech. You can activate text-to-speech to boss emotes and whispers, as well as non-boss say, yell, whispers, and emotes from the Text To Speech interface under chat.

UPDATED: Additional Chat Commands

We've added a shorthand for the /readycheck command, and you can now simply type /rc to access the same command. In addition, we've added a new command to initiate a countdown (type /cd followed by a number, for example /cd 10). This will initiate a synchronized countdown for all players in your party or raid. Note that this option is only accessible to the party or raid leader.

Last but not least, you can now link your PvP and Mythic+ ratings in chat with Shift-click, like you would with items.

Improving accessibility In World of Warcraft for all players is an ongoing effort, and we look forward to bringing more updates on it in the future.