Gallywix Treasure Hunt Competition

Gallywix has teamed up with Icy Veins to host a Treasure Hunt with over 25 million gold worth of prizes.

The Treasure Hunt starts on June 13 at 2 PM EST / 8 PM CET and will send you all around Azeroth to solve riddles and take selfies with NPCs!

Twitter Competition

The prizes for the Twitter Competition include a Murkablo Pet from Blizzcon 2011 and a World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

Treasure Hunt Info and Prizes

Jaxtor Gallywix has disappeared and Gazlowe has taken his place as new Trade Prince of Bilgewater Cartel. Gallywix left behind a stash of Brutosaurs, a TCG Mount and a collection of TCG toys but no one knows where it is. Murkablo has escaped from this location, but the devilish Murloc has left the clues of their journey in riddles. The Alliance spies have received this information and Gelbin Mekkatorque is encouraging alliance adventurers to beat the horde to hoard! Who will get there first?!

The prizes for the Treasure Hunt include:

  • 1 Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur - For the fastest 'solo' submission of all riddle solutions and accompanying 'selfies' with the associated ingame NPC.
  • 1 Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur - For the fastest 'streamer' submission of all riddle solutions and accompanying 'selfies' with the associated in-game NPC. Ideally this would be rolled out among your viewers for their help. To be eligible, all streamers must be registered with Drlevi in the Gallywix Discord before the event launches.
  • 1 Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, 1x Mystery TCG mount and 3x TCG Items/Toys - For participating in the Treasure Hunt and submitting your answers on the Gleam page.

Treasure Hunt Rules

1. At 2 PM EST / 8 PM CET, the first riddle will be released in the #gallywix-treasure-hunt channel - the first location is in the Zuldazar zone (they are telling you this to keep things fair between factions so nobody gets a head start).

2. Go out in the world and find the NPC or item referenced in the riddle we release.
- If you are competing for any of the leaderboards, you will need to screenshot yourself with your character name visible at the location.

3. Put the solution to the first riddle into their website on (visible once the event starts), case-sensitive.
- If correct, the next riddle will appear with some of what is going on in the story.

4. Keep solving the riddles and putting in the solutions into the website until you reach the final riddle. Once you solve the final riddle, you will get a Discord command.

5. Open a ticket by pressing the mail icon below (emote disabled until the event starts) and use the command in the ticket channel that you have opened. Then you will gain access to the winner's channel.
- After enough people have reached the end this channel will become opt-in and ticket tool will be replaced with an emote to click.
- If you are the first streamer or solo player then gratz! You just won yourself a Brutosaur!
- If you weren't the fastest, make sure you submit your solutions on the Gleam page for a chance to win our 3rd Brutosaur and TCG prizes.

If you are competing, post your screenshots and answers in your ticket. If for some reason the ticket doesn't work, message Drlevi-Kazzak (Lev#8039) with the info to claim your victory.

For more info about the Gallywix Treasure Hunt Competition please join the Gallywix Discord and check the #brutosaur-bonanzo-support channel.