Gallywix Treasure Hunt Competition – Riddles and Solutions

In this post we're taking a look at the riddles and solutions from the Gallywix Treasure Hunt Competition. Spoiler alert!

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Riddle 1

Amongst the ruins, blood moon in the sky, I sit on my perch watching the dead run by.
In my mask, I look like one of the locals, though I am often seen in more interdimensional circles.
I like to travel, where you’ll find me next I cannot say, no matter where it might be I am the adorable _ _ _ _ (4).

Solution: Pepe

Under the dark of night a trio of goblins did appear, they look like they are up to no good I fear.

As the dawn breaks, those goblin left leaving a sorrowful Brutosaur in their wake.
"Don't take my friends!"
Oh those nasty goblins will do anything for monetary ends.

Riddle 2

Oh I wouldn't assume, we all drowned in the gloom.
Far, on this island once sundered, now ruined with Fel, we were protected by our nightwell.
Over the bridge I followed those two, approaching the sanctum, far from new.
Oof that was a close call, we escaped up the river to this waterfall.
You know, all I wanted to do was chill, not be taking portals up this hill.
Have you seen my kidney? This scene is starting to look bit gnarly, here lies _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7).

Solution: Charlie

Our witness does despair, "Are those goblins pumping out that foul air?".
Perhaps he should beware of those that he might overshare.

What of our witness? I hope you dealt with him in all swiftness.
A candy mountain you have asked, for the completion of this grizzly task.

Riddle 3

Song of Storms is my favourite Hyrule hit, I dare say our chickens are related, you might get bit.
I like to hang with the Davenports in the hills, but those angry birds like to nest between our windmills.
I kicked one once and down the hill I barrelled in fear, now I stick to my pond, fishing,
I am _ _ _ _ _ _ (6), want a beer?

Solution: Harold

Oh who are you? I don't recognise your ship on our coast so blue.
I hope you are merely passing by, your filth is polluting our lovely sky.

Don't you be kickin' these angry, grumpy chickens.
You horrible brute, you better run with your loot!

Riddle 4

Across the mountains, in uncharted glens, here you will find me and my faerie friends.
South of the lake, west of the Knell wouldn't you say we have hidden well?
Wait long enough and you will see just what fun guys my friends and I can be.
If you don't catch us ,worry not, we don't have to be in your shot.
If you do catch us as we sing, come dance with us in our _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8) ring.

Solution: Mushroom

Come dance there is more than enough room in our ring of mushroom!

Hmm, what do i spy from my view from up high.
I might have to look twice but you really don't seem that nice.

While you try find a place to sleep, we will turn you into sheep!
Away you horrid creatures, with your ugly green features!

Riddle 5

If you defy us, escape to the west, outside you might find a tent in which to rest.
Take a moment to enjoy the coastal view, alone stands a man, he's looking kinda of blue,
'That old jerk must die, that legend with the milky eyes.'
'That murloc, make him pay and finally this war will be won! Do it for me _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ¦ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7,7).'

Solution: Captain Grayson

Old Murk he'll be givin' you some hurt! Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

Riddle 6

Three eyes in this storm, protect us from the fury of the Nether. Come consort with us away from such unusual weather.
Although we are so far from home, lush fields we have grown in our gigantic domes.
Watch out for that tyrant with the iron hide, many hunters going after this devil have died. But do say hi when you try for Al'ar, I am the ethereal _ _ _ _ _ _ (6).

Solution: Tashar

You may not be fond of me but with a wave of my wand you will go happily!
Hmm, well if you don't fit, we'll just use this piece of kit.

We hacked the teleporter to send us to this purple waste, maybe here we will find the perfect hiding place.

We were abit overkeen to find this place all nice and green.
It was such a tranquil scene, until that dino chased us out, he was so mean!

Riddle 7

In a different time and space this place went boom, if we stop it now it won't be doomed. Wait here for your mates at the gate to the city, but do make sure to repair at the smithy.
You'll find me by my green shard, I am _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , ¦ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ¦ _ _ ¦ _ _ _ ¦ _ _ _ _ _ (9,7,2,3,5).

Solution: Restalaan, Captain of the Guard

Through the portal we did be going not expecting to come out where water be flowing.

Riddle 8

Up above, across the emerald sea of trees, live a boy, our fox and me. We were once hidden by fog, but I swear this fox is meant to be a dog.
Inspired by a cartoon, we are now trapped here with our balloons.
From this cliff top, Sri-la not far you will find me, I am _ _ _ (3).

Solution: Kar

Wet, tired and cranky we finally rest.
We stayed abit till we were feeling our best.

What a clever idea we shall use this geyser, strap a glider on and they will be none the wiser.
We'll use this secret fire to send us somewhere less dire!

Wet again, it never ends.
Stealing this made us no friends.

Maybe it was a bit to big to handle, crashing against these rocks was the least of our scandals.
However will we find a place for these lizards, I have an idea, hand me those scissors.

You stupid oaf, i asked for your help! You will bring enemies upon us with your frightful yelp.
Help me steal these damn ballons, get back here you giant baffoon!

Riddle 9

We two are connected by a titan gate, the one you seek has a burning lake.
Dodge dinosaurs, bugs and tar, if you get caught you won't make it very far.
In the center, the climb is steep but do androids dream of electric sheep?
Anger me and burns you will suffer, I am _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (11).

Solution: Blazerunner

Watch where you are shooting, take better care! Wait? Are they trying to blow us out of the air?
Our flight is over, we better run, we best be off before he has time to reload that gun.

I swear we are lost, its too hot up here! You better hold on, ride on, no fear!

Riddle 10

Out on the tundra a rhino did once roam, reluctantly bridled and taken home.
Stolen in the night he joins our treasure hoard, stabled with that gnome he was surely bored.
I often see the planes take to the air while applying moouse to my green hair.
Poor wooly he wasn’t your standard colt but bring him back for Mr _ _ _ _ ¦ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (4,8).

Solution: Toby Ironbolt

Through the gate where we might find a better fate!
Such effort for such scaly beasts, when we get home Gallywix better lay out a dozen feasts!

What is that? Did you hear that roar? I for one am sick of dinosaurs!
Let us be moving, where not i know, this air is too humid, onwards to the snow!

I knew this bird would come in use, hypnotise those gnomes and grab that rhino, we'll name him Bruce.
Into the planes it will be a squeeze, up into the air but watch we don't freeze.

Riddle 11

My neighbours are a great many trees, any further north and I may just freeze.
An ancient fight between elves and blues created these trees of wonderful hues.
In the shadow of this fallen spire, I am but a lowly squire.
If you want to catch them, on the double, quick!
I won’t tell you twice, I am _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7).

Solution: Maloric

We must close, Dalaran must be near for there we might find the portal and maybe a good beer.
This final destination is and our journey's end, so many bumps and bruises but at home I'll mend.

Riddle 12

The final riddle! You’ve overcome my tricks! Are you ready to rob that Gallywix?
Icy winds batter this place with sheer cliffs that will test your faith.
Inside you will find no rest, for intruders they do detest!
These corridors are illuminated by a sea of stars but these figures of the past are no heroes of ours.
Besieged are these titan halls, but inside four guardians stand tall.
Earth, wind, fire and storm, to win only this last task must you perform.
_ _ _ _ _ ¦ _ _ ¦ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (5,2,8)

Solution: Vault of Archavon

Thank you adventurer you have saved us from a horrible fate, stored away for such a long wait.
You've followed our journey even through his devilish riddles, what a smarty! Now it's time to celebrate, do join our party!