Hidden Toys in Battle for Azeroth

With Battle for Azeroth being live for over a month now, we are starting a new series of articles focusing on hidden mounts, pets and toys, as well as other secrets throughout Kul Tiras and Zandalar!

Gem of Acquiescence Hidden Toy

First in the list of Hidden Toys in Battle for Azeroth we have the https://www.wowhead.com/item=161342/gem-of-acquiescence, a hidden toy that does not appear in the Toy Box until learned, which also a part of the https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=12852/treasures-of-tiragarde-sound achievement, listed as "Secret of the Depths".

Alfakyn has written a guide for this toy, as well as pointed out that the damp scrolls related to it foreshadoww the coming of Queen Azshara of the Naga and the Old God N'zoth. There's been multiple signs of them throughout the expansion, but the scrolls and the altar specifically speak about "Her" embrace and "His" gaze, which could refer to both of them, "the drowned" which could refer to the Naga, and the "Sunken City" which could refer to the place they all live in the depths of the sea.


Click on the image above to check the guide!

Other Battle for Azeroth Hidden Toys

There are a few other Battle for Azeroth Hidden Toys that you can get:

The following toys are unavailable at the moment, or have been removed from the game:

Hidden Toys from Previous Expansions

If you are interested in collecting all the hidden toys in the game then you should check our Hidden Toys Guide, where we have sorted them by acquisition type (class, professions, vendors, drops) and how to get them.