Midsummer Fire Festival 2023 (June 21 – July 5)

Midsummer Fire Festival runs from June 21 through July 5 and is now live in NA and EU.

Midsummer Fire Festival 2023 Holiday Updates

Midsummer Fire Festival 2023 brings one new toy and two new achievements:

/way #2022 46.0 82.8 The Waking Shores
/way #2023 63.8 35.0 Ohn'ahran Plains
/way #2024 12.2 47.5 The Azure Span
/way #2112 53.2 62.2 Thaldraszus (Valdrakken)
/way #2151 34.9 60.8 The Forbidden Reach
/way #2133 55.2 55.4 Zaralek Cavern

Midsummer Fire Festival World Event Guide

Check our guide to learn more about this world event and how to get all the Midsummer Fire Festival pets, toys, transmog, achievements and more!

Official Post

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

It’s time to for Azeroth’s hottest season of the year, the Midsummer Fire Festival!

When: June 21–July 5
Where: Major Horde and Alliance Cities
Currency: Burning Blossom

"A time of merriment and celebration, dedicated to the hottest season of the year."

Warning: Play with fire at your own risk. Playing with fire could get you burned. Fire is hot. Love is a burning fire. Please don't fall into the ring of fire. In case of fire, stop, collaborate, and listen . . . then drop and roll. Please enjoy the Midsummer Fire Festival responsibly.