Rextroy Soloes Radiance of Azshara

Rextroy the paladin who soloes bosses from mythic dungeons and raids is back with another video in which he soloes Radiance of Azshara!

Soloing Radiance of Azshara took over 4 hours and required some clever use of game mechanics. Since the release of the video the "bugs" were fixed by Blizzard and can no longer be done.

How the solo was done / How many bugs there are:

So firstly you aggro the boss and move outside of the arena. The first bug you find is that if you move far enough away, the Ancient Tempest will stop hurting you.

You will then have the boss berserk, but it won't matter since you will be able to wait out the berserk (it expires). The boss won't reset at all even if you are very far away.

Then you will discover another bug when trying to get back. The add spawn won't attack you, he will just be standing there with his other add friends and chill with his 500% dmg boost

To top it all off, when the boss Ancient Tempest expires, the Radiance won't be doing anything at all... Just stand there like a glorified training dummy.

I didn't move my character anything incase it would trigger a reaction. Even if that made the kill take a bit more than 4 hours.

If you're interested in more videos like this one, check out Rextroy's Youtube Channel.