Rextroy Soloes Vectis in 1-Shot!

Rextroy the paladin who soloes bosses from mythic dungeons and raids is back with another video in which he soloes Vectis in 1-shot!

Soloing Vectis required a lot of time and effort, as he spent days before the timing was perfect to be able to kill the boss before the damage buffs run out. Since the release of the video this "bug" was fixed by Blizzard and can no longer be done.

There is a certain NPC in Stormsong (the monkey as you see) that won't take damage from enemy NPCs when under 85% of max HP. You kite this NPC into the Alliance guards of Fort Daelin. They have a buff on their own that grants all nearby allies within 20 yards a 50% damage boost... that is multiplied.

When you reached 15+ of those buffs, your abilities will most likely deal 10-50M damage each. You need a warlock to summon you, and you need to accept at the right time when you got as many buffs as possible. You also need a fast loading screen. I noticed that /reload worked well to speed them up. The loading screen usually took 5 seconds of the buffs duration.

There is a limited number of Guards in the base, and if you aggro certain NPCs they will all leash back to their original point... Quite irritating.

You will also have some Alliance players that might kill the monkey without hesitating.

You might also get phased out randomly into another shard... Also an issue.

Each time it took about 15 minutes to gather the guards, if nothing went wrong. However it usually did. So for this you really needed good friends that would be up for waiting a long time between attempts, thankfully I have quite a bunch of them!

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