Stormsong Valley Truffles Fixed!, the last secret achievement in Battle for Azeroth, is now available after it has been hotfixed on September 21, 2018. We are highlighting this achievement as the community has been theorycrafting ideas on how to get the since the beginning of the expansion.

You can purchase from the Auction House, or pick it up from the ground near trees throughout Stormsong Valley while wearing a at the following coordinates:

/way Stormsong Valley 71.20, 56.38
/way Stormsong Valley 23.3, 75.7
/way Stormsong Valley 51.8, 79.2
/way Stormsong Valley 54.03 58.12
/way Stormsong Valley 54.04 55.96

To get the achievement, you will first have to get in combat with and then use a on him.

/way Stormsong Valley 51.8 79.6 The Lichen King



The,, and items have also been fixed, and having all four Stormsong Valley truffle effects on you at the same time will now correctly grant you the achievement.