The Great Push – Shadowlands Season 4

The Great Push is back for Shadowlands Season 4 with a brand new format!

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Shadowlands Season 4 marks a new approach to a World of Warcraft® Season, and with the return of some of WoW’s favorite dungeons we’re excited to mark a new era for The Great Push (TGP) with an expanded event format while pushing the frontiers of what’s possible in Mythic Dungeons, on YouTube and Twitch. Read on for all the details and head over to GameBattles to sign up today!

As we move into the second half of the year, a huge congratulations must go out to Echo, the Mythic Dungeon International 2022 Global FInas Champions! Check out the Finals match and winner's interview, and continue reading for all you need to get uber-hyped for The Great Push.

Introducing TGP for Shadowlands Season 4

The Great Push challenges teams to push their Mythic Keystones to the highest levels possible. With Shadowlands Season 4, instead of a traditional TGP one-off event we are expanding to three distinct regions with players competing for their shot at a combined $210,000 (USD) in prizing. Sign-ups are open now through August 5, The Proving Grounds kick-off for the new season on August 10, and teams can register starting right now through August 5. Here’s some details on how TGP will work in Shadowlands Season 4:

  • Teams start by pushing two keys in the Proving Grounds. In Season 4, the Proving Grounds will be split into 3 regions:
    • Americas & APAC
    • China
    • EMEA
  • Teams who complete the two Proving Ground Dungeons on +15 level within the allotted time will earn the Shrouded Banner of the Opportune!
  • The top 6 teams from each Region’s Proving Grounds will advance to the Regional Qualifiers.
  • Each Regional Qualifiers will take place over one weekend, and the two teams who push their keystones the highest will qualify to The Great Push Finals.
  • The final two teams in each region will face off in the global TGP Finals, where a winner for Season 4 will be decided.
  • There are no pre-requisites to play in the tournament, sign-ups are open today on GameBattles! Sign-ups remain open until August 5.

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