The Siege of Lordaeron Scenario and Heart of Azeroth Artifact Availability Clarifications

Community Manager Ythisens has confirmed that the final part of the pre-patch event, The Siege of Lordaeron, will no longer need the pre-purchase of Battle for Azeroth to access and complete. Ythisens has also clarified that the will be available as Battle for Azeroth launches.

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It was previously communicated that you would need to pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth to play the final part of the 8.0 pre-patch event tomorrow, The Siege of Lordaeron, however, this is no longer the case and we have changed it to now be available regardless of prepurchasing the expansion!

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The Heart of Azeroth will be obtainable on the 13th at 3pm PDT. Essentially once the expansion goes live.


As we go into the final week of pre-patch events, it is worth noting that the and will be made unobtainable on the release of Battle for Azeroth.