Time to Hoof it – The Mighty Kodo Pack Has Arrived!

A new mount and pet bundle "The Mighty Kodo Pack" is now available on the Blizzard Shop for $25!

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Straight Out of Kalimdor

The Mighty Kodo Pack* is here to strengthen your journey around Azeroth. Far from being merely beasts of burden, the kodos of Kalimdor are also fierce companions and loyal mounts—though they tend to be less helpful where finesse might be required.

Whether you're riding the Armored Siege Kodo ground mount into battle, or frolicking about with the Crushhoof pet, one thing's for sure: these mighty beasts will always have your back. Hoof it over to the Battle.net® Shop today to add this duo to your collection!

*Not available in World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King™ Classic and World of Warcraft® Classic Era realms.