Rextroy the paladin who soloed several mythic dungeons and Mother in Uldir is back with another video in which he soloes Vectis in 1-shot!

Soloing Vectis required a lot of time and effort, as he spent days before the timing was perfect to be able to kill the boss before the damage buffs run out. Since then this "bug" was fixed was Blizzard, and can no longer be done.

There is a certain NPC in Stormsong (the monkey as you see) that won't take damage from enemy NPCs when under 85% of max HP. You kite this NPC into the Alliance guards of Fort Daelin. They have a buff on their own that grants all nearby allies within 20 yards a 50% damage boost... that is multiplied.

When you reached 15+ of those buffs, your abilities will most likely deal 10-50M damage each. You need a warlock to summon you, and you need to accept at the right time when you got as many buffs as possible. You also need a fast loading screen. I noticed that /reload worked well to speed them up. The loading screen usually took 5 seconds of the buffs duration.

There is a limited number of Guards in the base, and if you aggro certain NPCs they will all leash back to their original point... Quite irritating.

You will also have some Alliance players that might kill the monkey without hesitating.

You might also get phased out randomly into another shard... Also an issue.

Each time it took about 15 minutes to gather the guards, if nothing went wrong. However it usually did. So for this you really needed good friends that would be up for waiting a long time between attempts, thankfully I have quite a bunch of them!

Special thanks to:

Rashe - Ravencrest
Warlady / Drakeangel - Outland
Milkys - Outland
Sanguin - Stormscale
Yokomura - Outland
Valdaril - Outland
Heavensroar - Outland
Icegree - Outland

If you're interested in more videos like this one, check Rextroy's Youtube Channel.

A stealth hotfix has been implemented, making several Island Expeditions achievements account-wide! With the recent experience buff to normal Island Expeditions, you can now easily level up alts without losing any achievement progress on your main character!

The affected achievements are:

These achievements are now marked blue, and progress on any of your characters will count towards the achievements.

An additional change was made for the achievement, buying and learning the pets from the auction house will now count for the achievement. In case you don't get any progress on the achievement, try to cage the pets and learn them again.

Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Blizzard is celebrating all things pirate with a special limited-time offer: Purchase 180 Days Game Time and you will receive the Dreadwake mount for free!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we're celebrating all things pirate with a special limited-time offer*. Purchase 180 Days Game Time in the Shop, and you'll also receive the epic new Dreadwake mount free! The Dreadwake mount will then arrive as a stand-alone mount in the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop sometime in 2019.

True to nautical tradition, the Dreadwake pirate ship mount has a unique figurehead inspired by an unknown kraken-faced god of the deeps.

Once you've purchased the 180 Days Game Time product in the Shop, the Dreadwake mount will be automatically added to your in-game collection. It’s the perfect way to cruise through Azeroth in true buccaneering style.

Players on an existing recurring subscription plan who purchase 180 Days Game Time will have their next billing date automatically adjusted to align with the addition of this time. Players who already have game time on their account will have the 180 days added to their current total. By purchasing 180 Days Game Time, you'll also save up to $24 per year.

In addition, WoW players who have purchased the 180 Days Game Time service in the Shop within the past 30 days** or who are currently on a 6-month recurring subscription will receive the Dreadwake mount at no additional charge. Look for the gift icon in your Blizzard desktop app to claim yours.

New Pet Available: Adopt Cap'n Crackers!

Fresh off the high seas, Cap'n Crackers is available to adopt now from the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop.

Sail the high seas with Cap'n Crackers, the baby parrot, perched on your shoulder.

This plucky feathered friend is just the companion you need on your swashbuckling adventures through Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and beyond.

Adopt yours today!

*Offer available from September 19 through October 21, 2018
**Must have purchased current 180 Days Game Time service on or before 12:01 a.m. PDT on September 19, 2018.
***Mount must be claimed in Blizzard desktop app prior to April 30, 2019.

Upcoming Holidays in Azeroth

Within the next week we have three upcoming holidays starting! Two of these holidays offer mounts, toys and achievements that can only be obtained during the event. Check your in game calendar to see the starting dates and times for these events!

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival runs for a week, starting today. This holiday is fairly uneventful, and has no achievements or items of note attached to it. It is a time to commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives to help friends and allies.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)The yearly Harvest Festival is now underway in Azeroth. This is a solemn time when the Alliance honors Uther the Lightbringer by lighting a candle at his tomb in the Western Plaguelands, while members of the Horde show their respect to Grommash Hellscream by leaving a bottle of spirits at the base of the Hellscream Memorial in Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale.

When: September 18-25
Where: Outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar

Commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives to help friends and allies. Feasts are also held outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar in honor of these fallen heroes.

Pirate's Day

Pirate's Day is a 24 hour event to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day! During the event you can obtain an achievement and two toys among several temporary cosmetic items.


Brewfest is just over two weeks long and has many achievements, toys, mounts and pets tied to the event. The event is based on Oktoberfest, an annual event held in Germany. Wowhead has a great comprehensive guide on the holiday you can find here. The event includes:

New Article: Secret Battle Pets in Battle For Azeroth

We have published a short guide on some of the secret pets of Battle for Azeroth, including Bumbles, Taptaf and the Wicker Pup.

Click on the image above to check the guide!

Upcoming Developer Stream

There will be a developer stream on September 18th, 11:00am. This will address upcoming content and will likely have information on the next patch.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)With Battle for Azeroth in full swing, we're sitting down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to get a peek at the next content update.

Join us live on Twitch Tuesday, September 18 at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

Update: Ion Hazzikostas has announced Tides of Vengeance as being the next content patch for Battle for Azeroth. This patch will include new raids (Siege of Zuldazar and Crucible of Storms), Island Expeditions, Dwarf and Blood Elf heritage armor sets, the Darkshore Warfront, class and system improvements and much more!

You can find the video here:

With Battle for Azeroth being live for over a month now, we are starting a new series of articles focusing on hidden mounts, pets and toys, as well as other secrets throughout Kul Tiras and Zandalar!

Gem of Acquiescence Hidden Toy

First in the list of Hidden Toys in Battle for Azeroth we have the, a hidden toy that does not appear in the Toy Box until learned, which also a part of the achievement, listed as "Secret of the Depths".

Alfakyn has written a guide for this toy, as well as pointed out that the damp scrolls related to it foreshadoww the coming of Queen Azshara of the Naga and the Old God N'zoth. There's been multiple signs of them throughout the expansion, but the scrolls and the altar specifically speak about "Her" embrace and "His" gaze, which could refer to both of them, "the drowned" which could refer to the Naga, and the "Sunken City" which could refer to the place they all live in the depths of the sea.

Click on the image above to check the guide!

Other Battle for Azeroth Hidden Toys

There are a few other Battle for Azeroth Hidden Toys that you can get:

The following toys are unavailable at the moment, or have been removed from the game:

Hidden Toys from Previous Expansions

If you are interested in collecting all the hidden toys in the game then you should check our Hidden Toys Guide, where we have sorted them by acquisition type (class, professions, vendors, drops) and how to get them.