Partnered Communities

Warcraft Secrets is proud to partner up with some of the greatest World of Warcraft Discord Communities. Through it, we support and promote their initiatives, as well as their members for creating the most welcoming and successful groups to have influenced the World of Warcraft Community as a whole.

If you'd like to discuss and search for new secrets in the game, find groups for achievements, mythic+, raiding, or if you'd just like to chat about WoW related things or anything else that comes to your mind, then you should definitely consider joining these amazing communities.


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The Achievements Discord is the community where members can meet like-minded completionists and form groups for various achievements such as and, and all other kinds of activities as well such as Island Expeditions and PvP.

Members are provided with roles that match their regions and factions in order to be notified whenever someone is organizing an event that they might be interested in, which makes forming groups much easier.

A Reddit Dystopia

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A Reddit Dystopia is a US based community built on a simple premise: no douche canoes. They pride themselves on being open and inclusive to all types of gamers.

In the ARD Discord, you will be able to find a variety of events, including community raids, PvP, questing, and old content farming. They also have several organized raid teams at various levels of seriousness, from learning groups through Mythic progression. If you love WoW but hate toxic internet culture, stop by the Discord and make a friend or two.

Mythic Plus Friends

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The Mythic Plus Friends discord server is one of the best places where you can find more competent and friendly groups for Mythic Plus, as well as make friends and have a good time. You can opt into roles that match your region and faction to easier find groups, and through the Jeeves discord bot you can get scores and special roles in the server, as well as access to a number of miscellaneous info about your mythic+ progression.

The Mythic Plus Academy is a program hosted by the Mythic Plus Friends discord designed to teach new players how to get into the world of Mythic +, and teach veteran players how to advance their score with tips and strategies for every dungeon. The Mythic Plus Academy is always recruiting, so if you are interested in this project, then please reach out to them over at the Mythic Plus Friends discord!

Wings of Azeroth

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Wings of Azeroth is an amazing EU community where you can find kind and helpful players, attend events to gain mounts, achievements, pets, and any other vanity item, and support to get the best out of your class/spec. They aim to provide a supporting, friendly, and helpful environment to everyone and help you all reach your in-game goals!

The community started life through taking part in the Friendship Birb initiative, to boost as many players as possible to gain the from Heroic Argus before it was removed permanently from the game. The community thrives on the principle of helping players through all content, at absolutely no cost.

WoW Secret Finding

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The WoW Secret Finding Discord is a community dedicated to solving the puzzles, riddles and various mysteries the game has to offer such as Riddler's Mind-Worm, Lucid Nightmare, Baa'l and many more secrets!

While there are no secrets to be solved, the community loves to help others catch up on the secrets and find rare mounts for the rest of the community such as and