Secret Battle Pets

Bumbles is a black Bee pet obtained from the alliance-only achievement. There is a short unlock requirement for the achievement.

To obtain Bumbles, first go to the Mildenhall Meadery in Stormsong Valley. Kill any to obtain the The drop chance is quite low, listed on Wowhead as 0.5%.

After obtaining the Annealed Honey Amulet, you must bring it to She is located in Boralus and has a few different spawn points. Go to these waypoints and /tar Rosaline. There is one shop where she is in and you cannot get into, however you can interact with her after binding your "interact with target" key under Keybindings. After bringing her the amulet, she gives you a letter.

/way 51.5 48.0 Scribes & Nobles
/way 55.5 62.5 Goldman's Cafe
/way 58.1 66.3 Inaccessible building
/way 72.4 73.3 Unnamed shop
/way 72.9 73.3 Upper unnamed shop

Bring the letter back to Mildenhall Meadery. Hand it to Ancel in the Meadery's basement. He will give you a short questline to unlock Bumbles.

After this quest is complete, you will now have unlocked the daily quest After completing the quest, you mix the slime with the formula on the table behind Ancel, and feed it to Bumbles. Complete this for 7 days and you will have unlocked Bumbles!

Wicker Pup

The is a battle pet that is created by several items found in chests located around Drustvar. Simply go to the coordinates and loot the chests, then at the end combine the items to create the Wicker Pup.

/way Drustvar 18.5 51.3 Bundle of Wicker Sticks
/way Drustvar 68.4 68.7 Path starts to skull
/way Drustvar 67.6 73.6 Miniature Stag Skull
/way Drustvar 25.6 24 Wolf Pup Spine
/way Drustvar 55.4 51.5 Spooky Incantation

Taptaf is a small pig that can be easily obtained by defeating After defeating Idej, Taptaf will offer you a quest to be yours!

/way Drustvar 67.8 79.3


Baa'l is a secret pet that resembles a demonic goat. In order to get it, you will have to find multiple hidden pebbles scattered across Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

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