The Secret Hunt Continues | The Hivemind Confirmed Not In Game

After finding Baa'l in Frostfire Ridge, we were left out with an anagram for "SEEK KNOWLEDGE":

Souls fEast on enDless shrieKing, in darKNess they writhe and scream, yOu WiLl join thEm, toGether forEver morE!

"SEEK KNOWLEDGE" was a hint towards the Arakkoa from Draenor, where members from the WoW Secret Finding Discord had found the next step of this secret. The hunt continues, and you will now have to find different objects scattered around the world, which we have added in the Baa'l guide.

Click on the image above to be redirected to the guide:

In other news, Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel has confirmed on twitter that the hunt will not lead to The Hivemind mount, but to something else, and many more secrets are yet to be uncovered.

He later then clarified that the idea was super cool, but didn't make it into the shipping product. That being said, the mount is not off the table yet, and we could see available in the future.