Fenryr Hunter Pet Guide

Fenryr from Halls of Valor can be tamed once you have defeated Hymdall and Fenyr completely solo, in the same instance lockout. This was originally a challenging tame, even at higher item levels during Legion Patch 7.2.

General Information

Type Zone Expansion


Halls of Valor


Taming Method

  1. Enter Halls of Valor alone on Mythic Difficulty.
  2. Mount up and run through the first trash packs and Feign Death when you are in front of Hymdall.
  3. Solo Hymdall, be sure to be careful of the drakes doing Storm Breath.
  4. Feign Death your way to Fenryr past the trash packs.
  5. Find Fenyr, attack him until he runs away.
  6. Mount up and run through to his main cave, feign death through the trash packs.
  7. Clear the wolves closest to Fenyr - you don’t have to kill every wolf in the area.
  8. Defeat Fenryr.
  9. If done correctly, the tameable version of Fenryr will spawn in his cave.


  • The challenge is easiest done as Beast Mastery, with your pet tanking.
  • Use a Bloodlust pet for Hymdall and Fenryr.
  • Use food, flasks and potions.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your time using Feign Death between packs or waiting for cooldowns on bosses.
  • At least one healing or defensive legendary is necessary, such as Roots of Shaladrassil and Prydaz, Magnum Opus or the The Shadow Hunter’s Voodoo Mask.
  • The higher your item level, the easier the challenge will be.
  • For Fenryr, try to Misdirect the extra wolves to your pet to tank.
  • If your pet dies, revive it and Misdirect and Feign Death.
  • When Fenryr casts Scent For Blood, just stand still, or use Aspect of the Turtle.