Waist of Time Secret Cosmetic Belt – Guide

The Waist of Time is a Secret Cosmetic Belt obtained after solving a long series of puzzles. The Waist of Time is one of the major secrets added in Battle for Azeroth, along with Baa'l, The Hivemind and Jenafur.

To start this secret you will first have to get and summon Baa'l, a secret battle pet that resembles a demonic goat, and then locate hidden items scattered across Azeroth, Outland and Draenor.

Hidden Objects

The following objects must be clicked in order, after obtaining and summoning Baa'l.

Note: To continue this secret questline you must be on the same character that obtained Baa'l from the volcano in Frostfire Ridge.

Lit Orb

The Lit Orb is located in Spires of Arak, close to where Rhukmar's path is.

/way Spires of Arak 35.5 32 Lit Orb

Small Red Strange Seed

The Small Red Strange Seed is located in Stormwind City, where the Everbloom Portal is. It is to the right of the portal.

/way Elwynn Forest 17.5 56.5 Small Red Strange Seed

Tiny Frog

The Tiny Frog is located underwater in a river in Spires of Arak. It is on top of the rock, under the water.

/way Spires of Arak 53.5 10.7 Tiny Frog

Brittle Bone

The Brittle Bone is located in Blades Edge Mountains next to a large Apexis Crystal.

/way Blade's Edge Mountains 33.6 58.1 Brittle Bone

Misplaced Candle

The Misplaced Candle is located in Spires of Arak. The candle is on top of the skull, next to the large candle.

/way Spires of Arak 68 41 Misplaced Candle

Odd Cup

The Odd Cup is located in Draenor Shadowmoon Valley, in Exile's Rise. It is next to the campfire.

/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 45.7 26.2 Odd Cup

Interesting Rock

The Interesting Rock is located in Outland's Shadowmoon Valley. It is on top of the mountain, where all the green fire is.

/way Shadowmoon Valley:Outland 51.6 43.7 Interesting Rock

Blooming Lily

The Blooming Lily is located in Swamp of Sorrows. It is under a tree, floating on top of the water.

/way Swamp of Sorrows 58 31.6 Blooming Lily

Pretty Flower

The pretty flower is located in Eastern Plaguelands. It is at the bottom of the crypt on the lower floor. At the right hand side of the crypt, there is a casket. The flower is on the casket.

/way Eastern Plaguelands 24.2 78.2 Pretty Flower

Old Book

The Old Book is located in Deadwind Pass. It is in an abandoned Church, lying on the ground in front of the pews.

/way Deadwind Pass 41.2 78.9 Old Book

Dead Fish

The Dead Fish is located in Blackrock Mountain. It is in a room next to the Lower Blackrock Spire portal, by a campfire.

/way 77.9 44.2 Dead Fish (use waypoint command while inside Blackrock Mountain)

Scratched Board

The Scratched Board is located in Duskwood. It is underneath a large plank of wood.

/way Duskwood 52 62.4 Scratched Board

Lost Ring

The Lost Ring is located in Hillsbrad Foothills. It is just in the entrance to the building, next to the skeleton.

/way Hillsbrad Foothills 44.6 26.4 Lost Ring

Spoiled Apple

The Spoiled Apple is located in Badlands, at Fuselight-by-the-Sea. It is in the Inn, on a table of food. It is next to the pig.

/way Badlands 90 38 Spoiled Apple

Broken Tooth

The Broken Tooth is located in Blasted Lands, on the Altar of the Storms. The Broken Tooth is just to the left of one of the skulls.

/way Blasted Lands 36.8 27.6 Broken Tooth

Worn Helm

The Worn Helm is located in the Burning Steppes. It is on the head of the Skeleton.

/way Burning Steppes 27.1 47 Worn Helm

Leafy Leaf

The Leafy Leaf is located in Northrend Dalaran, behind the bench near the Antonidas Statue.

/way 42.7 20.2 Leafy Leaf

Musty Cloth

The Musty Cloth is located in Terrokar Forrest, next to the Shadow Labyrinth portal. It is inside a crate, inside the tent.

/way Terokkar Forest 40.2 72.5 Musty Cloth

Broken Tablet

The Broken Tablet is located in Twilight Highlands, near the Grim Batol entrance. The Broken Tablet is on the ground, in front of the fence.

/way Twilight Highlands 17 57.9 Broken Tablet

Ashed Torch

The Ashed Torch is located in Feralas, in the area with the ogres, close by the two tables and cauldrons.

/way Feralas 60.8 67.8 Ashed Torch


Grimmy is located in the old Arathi Highlands, in a small house on the coast of the zone. To travel back through time you will have to talk with Zidormi.

/way 85.3 73.6 Grimmy
/way 28.2 90.2 Zidormi

Grimmy's List of Friends

First you have to read Grimmy's List of Friends.

List of my friends?

First is SN, you always smelled so good
Second is TM, you smelled like burning wood
Third is FD, though you smelled like fel
Last is OM, I hated that fishy smell

After reading Grimmy's List of Friends, you must equip the following uncommon items. These can be purchased from the Auction House or made by a Tailor.


Here's how Grimmy's List of Friends was solved. Note that all 4 npcs were added in Battle for Azeroth.

SN > Sho Nuff Knucklebump > Windwool Hood
TM > Thyllera Moonleaf > Deathsilk Shoulders
FD > Falthir Dawnbreak > Netherweave Tunic
OM > Ono'me > Frostwoven Leggings

After interacting with the note and putting on the armor you can speak with Grimmy.

Hello! I don't get many visitors out here, you'll have to excuse the mess.

> It's me, your friend. Got any secrets to tell me about?

I have no idea what you're talking about!

Grimmy's List of Enemies will appear nearby.

You flaunted your virility, and red was never to my liking
Though I wanted to slap you, I always found you striking.

You always thouhght you knew what was best, but not everyone likes greens.
Though I waved your way, I pictured your shredded hide in my dreams.
Your bread was bad, you diseased lout, it made me sick.
I would cheerily beat you with a stick.
Last you, I'm not even going to think of a rhyme for you. Mugs.
I will dance on your grave. You were uniquely terrible.

Grimmy's List of Enemies

After reading both notes, get the following items and keep them in the bag. You can purchase them from vendors or from the Auction House.

After you have these items go and /emote at Grimmy's enemies.

/way Twilight Highlands 28.4 24.8 /slap Aquinastrasz
/way Desolace 57.4 47.6 /wave Karnum Marshweaver
/way Zul'drak 40.4 68.6 /cheer Noggra
/way Kun-Lai Summit 44.4 90.2 /dance Stained Mug

Grimmy's Favorite Recipe

To start Grimmy's Favorite Recipe make sure you have finished the previous step. You can check that by using the following script, if it displays "True" then you can return to Grimmy and speak with him.

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(52822),C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(52823),C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(52824),C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(52826))

> I've sent some messages to your enemies, now about those secrets...

Oh, that is excellent. But still, I... er... hm.

After that, a new note called Grimmy's Favorite Recipe appears by the fireplace and you have to read it.

A pinch of tumeric and a pound of salt, if it comes out poorly it's your own fault.

Pay attention to the broth, and stir, stir, stir!
Then add a big handful of board fur.

Last you need a little sour,
get the kick with a little gunpowder!

It was assumed that all of the rotten fruits and vegetables had a part to play within this secret, but in the end, there was only one that was really relevant.

Get 144 stacks of Rotten Potato and then go back in the house and speak with Grimmy. You will then get a 2 minute buff called Marker.

/way 88.4 69.2 Potato

Now return to Grimmy and speak with him.

> How do I smell?

Oh, my, just like my mother used to after she made her famous pie.
Very well, I will show you... My life's work!
It's in the chest out back, and it's all yours!
I hope it was worth it!

Now go on top of Grimmy's house, loot Grimmy's Rusty Lockbox and you will get the Waist of Time.

Deciphering the Anagrams

Arcone#4206 on Discord made a list of the clues, and explained how the anagrams of each clue was tied to elements of the Chronicles 2 and 3.


Baa'l says this when you summon it. The arrakoa are a race known for seeking knowledge. As such, the Lit Orb is found right beside the Skyreach entrance. The first picture in Chronicle Volume II is of Skyreach or another arrakoa city.

Anagram 2: Passive Icy Veins = Invasive Species

This points us towards the portal leading from the Everbloom to Stormwind - a prominent species of Draenor that attacks Stormwind, and is mentioned early in the Chronicles 2 book. The secrets seemed to vaguely follow the story of the chronicles. I'm not sure if it references only the pictures, or the chapters themselves. The second picture in the book seems to be a genesaur.

Anagram 3: Sadness, Keynoted = Sky, Stone and Seed

This one is a little loose, but it seemed to work in other localizations with things like 'magic stone in the sky'. It points us to Spires of Arak for a tiny frog again. I find this most interesting looking at it from a viewpoint where the Arrakoa represent the sky, of course. The botani represent seeds, and the ogres - referred to in their first Chronicle chapter as the Children of Stone - represent stone. As for how this adds up to a tiny frog in a river, I don't know, but we cached it there.

Anagram 4: Dog Wig Moss? = Gog's Wisdom

Gog was the previous name of one of the first ogre magi to rise up and kill a gronn/ogron, earning him the title Gog the Gronnslayer. This points us to Ogri'la, a community in Blade's Edge Mountains consisting of only ogre mages.

Anagram 5: Rage, Shank, Sever = Karash's Revenge

Karash, or Pridelord Karash was a Saberon slain by Terokk. Karash had declared war against the Arrakoa in confidence of his tribe's abilities. After Terokk defeats him, Chronicles describes Terokk being kidnapped by High Arrakoan priests known as the Ahari and tossed into Sethekk Hollow to succumb to the Curse of Sethe - which is where we find our Misplaced Candle.

Anagram 6: Rankest Goldfish = Light of Darkness / Darkness of Light

This one doesn't really need a Chronicles reference to explain. The Shadowmoon clan create the Dark Star, a corrupted Naaru. This Shadowmoon Valley camp was home to them and the exiles that didn't agree with these practices in Alternate Draenor, hence Darkness of Light. It's where we find our Odd Cup. Gul'dan and Ner'zhul were also from the clan and could be argued to be Darkness of Light.

Anagram 7: Ease off fruit.... = Fate of Furies

Furies are the names of all elementals on Outland/Draenor. In a long quest chain, ending with the quest The Cipher of Damnation, we fight Cyrukh the Firelord, who seems to be akin in power and title to Ragnaros. In Chronicle, Gul'dan is also described as having attacked the Throne of the Elements and fighting all of the major Furies that we see there. They're forced to flee from him and are later described as fel-twisted and no longer answering the call of Shamans. So, we find our next clue at the Hand of Gul'dan.

Anagram 8: The BIG Bull = Blue Blight

This leads us to Swamp of Sorrows, where we find a camp of Draenei lost ones with a Blooming Flower. These Lost Ones, as described in Chronicle, are the 'unluckiest of the Broken' which were already a race that were shunned - or at least not openly welcomed - by the remaining Draenei. The Broken were those Draenei afflicted with the Red Pox. They were viewed as a blight by the orcs at the time, and the Red Pox was a blight that afflicted the Broken, who were blue, etc.

Anagram 9: Jaws open nooks! = Jok Son's Weapon

Jok'non was a Gurubashi troll leader who practiced blood magic. After he was killed by Medivh, his son Zan'non also used blood magic to create some hulking dire trolls(of which the origins aren't exactly clear, but Chronicle is nice enough to paint it out for us: "He'd(Zan'non) used them(his father's forbidden tricks) to transform a few Gurubashi into hulking berserkers possessed of otherworldly strength.") He uses these dire trolls to attack Stormwind. I don't know if there's other canon ways dire trolls are created. I also don't know how this connects to a Mossflayer Dire Troll named Zaeldarr the Outcast, but next to him in the Undercroft is where we find our Pretty Flower.

Anagram 10: Dead Rune Thug = The Unguarded

I think that this implies Karazhan since there's no Guardian anymore. This is a bit odd to take place after the context of the Gurubashi war, since Medivh had already gone through and awoken from his coma prior to the Gurubashi War. But, it is still technically now unguarded. Or could have been considered unguarded when Medivh went all Sargeras. Either way, we find an Old Book.

Anagram 11: ...A Stage Deception = Space Negotiated

I find this one to be one of the loosest connections. Chronicle describes Cho'gall mediating peace between the Shadow Council and Ragnaros(who served the old gods). The Old Gods didn't want to give power to the orcs since they were puppets of the burning legion, but they did allow the orcs to stay in Blackrock Spire. Cho'gall is noted as an effective diplomat and this is one of very few negotiations/peaces made in Chronicle Volume 2. I don't think anybody made this connection at the time, and this is only my interpretation after the fact. Regardless, we find our dead fish next to the LBRS instance.

Anagram 12: Necropolis Expos! = Corpse Explosion

Nowhere does Chronicle seem to reference a corpse explosion. But, it does include the first creation of Death Knights, who have the Corpse Explosion spell. The Death Knights of then didn't really have anything to do with Duskwood, but the Dark Riders involved in a few classes' artifact weapon acquisition quests do. This anagram was solved almost immediately after finding the fish, and the following item right after, but I also find this to be a loose relation. I've got a personal theory that it points to Duskwood because Chronicles describes an explosion of fel energies after Medivh dies at the hands of Garona, Lothar, and Khadgar. When this occurs, it turns Duskwood - previously named Brightwood - unto the shadow that it is today. Again, none of this was really explored before the item was cached, which was the Scratched Board.

Anagram 13: The net saves. = Seventh Seat

Assuming that my previous theory is correct in the Corpse Explosion being a reference to Medivh's death, that still keeps all of the clues so far in chronological Chronicle order, amazingly enough. Blackrock Spire is mentioned on page 132, while Duskwood is on 134. On 142, we find the Council of 7 Nations - the first Alliance of human kingdoms. When it lists the 7 kings, Aiden Perenolde of Alterac is listed last. He is also the first to betray the other kingdoms, thus being the first to leave. This denotes Alterac as the seventh seat, and Alterac is where we find our old ring.

Anagram 14: Terrible Grunt. = Turtle Bringer

I cannot find how this relates to Chronicle. Gul'dan in Warcraft 2 twisted some turtles to be really big and there was even a map in WC2 about this, but there's no mention of something like that in Chronicle. Chronicle also doesn't mention Badlands, Uldaman, or Fuselight, and only once mentions Goblins. These goblins ARE from the Steamwheedle Cartel, which is the faction that Doomhammer trades and allies with, and are the Goblins who inhabit Fuselight. The Giant Turtle units of Warcraft II were piloted by these same goblins. However, Fuselight and Fuselight by the Sea did not exist until Cataclysm and only existed in Booty Bay. Regardless, this is the only connection I can make. The Goblins mentioned in Chronicle are only mentioned on page 151, and this still fits chronologically. We find our Spoiled Apple at Fuselight by the Sea. For some reason.

Anagram 15: Leave Nets, Often = Elven Fate Stone / Elven Stone Fate

Elven Fate Stone seems to elude to the elven runestones used to protect Quel'Thalas from magic. Gul'dan hatches a plan to dismantle these runestones, and does so. He and his followers use the pieces of said runestones to create the Altars of Storms - one beside Blackrock Mountain, one in Twilight Highlands, and the last in Blasted Lands. This all takes place on Chronicle page 163, but without mentioning specific locations. We find our Broken Tooth at the Altar of Storms in Blasted Lands.

Anagram 16: Brash Remains = Brain Smasher

Chronicle page 173 describes a battle between Anduin Lothar and Doomhammer. The Horde had been pushed back to Blackrock Mountain, and they charged out for one final battle against the Alliance. Doomhammer charged straight towards Lothar in hopes of crushing the Alliance's resolve. He breaks Lothar's sword, knocks him to his knees, and "crushed Lothar's skull". Hence, brain smasher. We find our worn helm right in the shadow of Blackrock mountain, near where Lothar is immortalized with a statue.

Anagram 17: Sensed the Figs... = Sight Defense

This is in reference to the orcs stealing the Eye of Dalaran on page 188 after the reopening of the dark portal. They're collecting artifacts for a ritual, and the Eye of Dalaran is one such powerful item. Deathwing assaulted Dalaran with dragons while Gorefiend and a few other death knights snuck in and stole the artifact. Antonidas senses the wards around the Eye shattering, and rushes to stop the orcs, but cannot give chase. The chapter also includes, "As magi rushed to defend their home from the dragons". The symbol of the Kirin Tor is also an eye, so that helps with the connection. We find our Leafy Leaf right beside Antonidas's statue in Dalaran.

Anagram 18: Phantasmal Hosts? = Lost Shamans Path

I'm not 100% that this anagram fits in all languages, but it works. Ner'zhul and the rest of his orcish companions go through Auchindoun to reach the Black Temple to escape the attacks of Kurdran Wildhammer. This goes on in page 192, in the chapter called Battle of Auchindoun. It directly references the word path in saying "There was one such path nearby" in Chronicle. Gorefiend knew about the paths to travel through Auchindoun. Either he or Ner'zhul could be described as Lost Shamans, or the group as a whole could be described as lost. Kilrogg, who was also a shaman, died in this battle. Regardless, Auchindoun fits perfectly and it still aligns with Chronicle. This is where we find our Musty Cloth.

Anagram 19: Scarce Odds, still. = Castle Disc Lord

This one might reach beyond Chronicle 2, as the last mention of Grim Batol in Chronicle 2 was on page 197 and is just a single paragraph about the Dragonmaw remaining in Grim Batol with Alexstrasza captive. So, we go to Chronicle 3. On page 19, we've got the chapter "The Fragmented Horde" where we learn that the Dragonmaw Clan are still definitely residing in Grim Batol, and they've got the Demon Soul - the disc-shaped object that the dragon aspects poured their energy into, also known as the Dragon Soul. In a chapter after this, called "Legacy of Deathwing" we see that Deathwing sets his sights on Grim Batol once more. He takes the guise of Lord Prestor to distract the Alliance and ensure that the orcs of Grim Batol are not wiped out by them. There was stipulation that Deathwing resided deep under Deepholm after a battle of Grim Batol where the dragons aspects fight Deathwing and ruin his plans - temporarily - for the brood. Nekros Skullcrusher was also the orcish leader of the Dragonmaw at the time who was using the Demon Soul. But, "Lord" would point to Lord Prestor, Disc points to the Demon Soul, and Castle points to Grim Batol. So, we find the Broken Tablet and the clues begin to dip into Chronicle 3. The Battle of Grim Batol is on page 23 in Chronicle 3.

Anagram 20: Starfish Droplets! = Herald's First Stop

"Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer could help restore the Old Gods. They could break their shackles and build the Black Empire again. Its rise would herald the Hour of Twilight." - Chronicle 3, pg 26. This is the first mention of a herald in the books, and Cho'gall is the primary person mentioned here. Cho'gall and the rest of the Twilight's Hammer were still outside of the Tomb of Sargeras after Gul'dan had died, so Cho'gall decided to go ahead and give up on the Horde and lead his followers to Kalimdor instead. They first stop at Tanaris, where they establish a cave system that they live in. But this isn't where we find our clue. They leave Tanaris after Garona kills a bunch of Cho'gall's lieutenants. Cho'gall's not really mentioned again until page 104, in a chapter called Heralds of Shadow. In Feralas, Cho'gall lures Garona out into combat. He gets gravely wounded, but he bests her. He doesn't stop by Dire Maul or anything, since he goes to Silithus to meet C'thun right after. But, this is a mention of him in Feralas, and still in line with Chronicle, mostly. There's some mentions of Thrall going to Feralas, and a few other mentions of Dire Maul, but this works. We find our Ashed Torch in southern Feralas with a bunch of other ogres. If you can find some better connection that still fits the anagram in Chronicle, lemme know.

Anagram 21: ...a daft tormentor's fog = Forgotten Farmstead

This is the clue that leads us directly to Grimmy. There's no chronicle correlation that I know of. The farm in which Grimmy resides is not on the map, and is thusly forgotten.