Hidden Toys

This guide documents all the Hidden Toys in World of Warcraft, and such it acts as a reference hub for every Hidden Toy that doesn't appear in the Toy Box until collected.

We have made a list of all the class-specific and profession-specific toys, plus some other hard to get and secret toys, so you can have an easier way of collecting them.

Battle for Azeroth Hidden Toys

Class Toys

Engineering Toys

Blizzard Shop Toys

Trading Game Card Toys

  • Murloc Costume - Code obtained by attending Blizzcon 2007.
  • Ethereal Portal - Code obtained from the Portal Stone card in the Icecrown expansion from the TCG.
  • Dark Portal - Code obtained from the Dark Portal Hearthstone card in the Betrayal of the Guardian expansion from the TCG.
  • Carved Ogre Idol - Code obtained by redeeming UDE points.

Vendor Toys

Dungeons and Raids Toys

Garrison Mission Toys

Secret Locations Toys

Legacy Toys

The following toys are no longer available in game.

Never Implemented Toys

The following toys were datamined and/or available during an alpha, beta or ptr version of the game at some point but never got implemented.