Otto – Secret Mount Guide

Otto is one of the secret mounts added in the Dragonflight expansion. In this guide we'll go over the steps required to start the quest The Way to an Otto's Heart, which rewards Otto the secret otter mount.

Coins of the Isles

Farm Coins of the Isles until you have 1 Gold Coin of the Isles.

Note that you can exchange Copper Coin of the Isles and Silver Coin of the Isles at The Great Swog in Ohn'ahran Plains.

/way #2023 82.2 73.2 The Great Swog

How to Farm Coins of the Isles

The best way to farm coins is by using Elusive Croaking Crab to spawn Sir Pinchalot in the Forbidden Reach.

The Empty Crab Trap respawns after 5-10 minutes.

/way #2151 23.2 66.8 Empty Crab Trap
/way #2151 47.8 90.9 Empty Crab Trap
/way #2151 70.5 41.5 Empty Crab Trap

If Elusive Croaking Crabs are too expensive on the Auction House, you can fish coins from pools throughout the Dragon Isles.

Note that you can increase the chance of receiving coins when fishing by stacking up Perception:

Aquatic Shades

Speak with The Great Swog and trade your Gold Coin of the Isles for Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures.

Open the Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures to receive the Aquatic Shades toy!

/way #2023 82.2 73.2 The Great Swog

The Bubble Bath

  • Head to "The Bubble Bath" dive bar, located north of the Obsidian Citadel.
  • Use the Aquatic Shades toy to get the buff Cooler Than You and then dive into the water.
  • Stand on the dance stage to receive the debuff: Dance, Dance 'Til You're Dead.
  • After 5 minutes, the debuff will expire, and you will be teleported to the Hissing Grotto.
  • An Empty Fish Barrel will now be visible in front of you; interact with it to pick it up!

/way #2022 19.6 36.5 The Bubble Bath

Empty Fish Barrel

For the next step of the secret, you will have to fill the Empty Fish Barrel with 100 Frigid Floe Fish, then with 25 Calamitous Carp, and finally with Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish.

A good spot for fishing Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish is at the dock below Algeth'ar Academy, near the Algeth'ar Freshscale dracthyr.

/way #2025 56.0 44.5 Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish

The Way to an Otto's Heart

/way #2022 20.3 39.7 Otto