Lightning Paw Hunter Pet Guide

Lightning Paw is a fox Spirit Beast, with lightning effects around it's body. It can be found in Duskwood. Lightning Paw is very hard to find, as it is always in stealth. To find Lightning Paw, you must walk close to it and it will become visible. Lightning Paw is found in the large bushes with eyes in Duskwood.

General Information

Type Zone Spawn Timer Expansion



2-8 hours


  • Lightning Paw’s level scales to the hunter’s level.
  • Lightning Paw is a Spirit Beast and can only be used by Beast Mastery specialization.
  • It is suggested you enable stealth tracking. You can do this by going to your minimap tracking and selecting “Track Hidden”.


/way Duskwood 16.7 54.4
/way Duskwood 23.0 29.0
/way Duskwood 16.0 60.0
/way Duskwood 24.3 39.7
/way Duskwood 23.6 76.6
/way Duskwood 30.2 41.7