Love is in the Air World Event Guide (February 6-20)

Love is in the Air World Event is a Valentine's day-inspired holiday in World of Warcraft. It is themed around gifting presents and candy to your loved ones.

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Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Many guards and townsfolk spend their days giving and receiving gifts to other amorous citizens.

Sounds and fragrances swirl through the Azerothian air with the undiluted smell of love. Light with a hint of armor oil and mana notes, there’s just a hint of chemical top notes and a slight undercurrent of charm… or is that just conspiracy?

When: February 6-20
Where: Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind (Alliance)
Currency: Love Tokens

Love is in the Air Event Overview

During this holiday, you will be able to use the Dungeon Finder tool to queue for a fight against the Crown Chemical Company. Characters level 50 and higher will receive a Heart-Shaped Box which can contain the X-45 Heartbreaker and other various rewards.

Low level characters will receive a Heart-Shaped Carton instead, which cannot contain mounts, pets or toys.

Love Tokens and Lovely Charm Bracelets

While the Love is in the Air World Event is active, you can get Love Tokens by completing daily quests and by defeating the Crown Chemical Company every day.

Apart from that, you can obtain an endless supply of Love Tokens by farming Lovely Charms. Here's how to do it:

Where to Farm Lovely Charms

The best places to farm Lovely Charms are those with many low health enemies that are within your level range.

Since all the rewards below are account-wide we recommend you farm on a class that can constantly pull mobs with AoE damage from a distance. The ideal classes for this type of farming are Death Knights, Druids and Hunters.

Here are a few great spots where you should farm, however note that the amount of Lovely Charms that you'll get also depends on your class and spec abilities. If you find more awesome spots then let us know on Twitter.

Level 60 Farming Spots

  • Any Torghast wing on Layer 1

Level 50 Farming Spots

  • Moonclaw Vale in Val'sharah
  • Gloaming Reef in Val'sharah
  • Saltsea Droplets in Eye of Azshara (Broken Isles)
  • Karazhan Dungeon

Level 45 Farming Spots

  • The Everbloom Dungeon


New to Love is in the Air 2023: The first Heart-Shaped Box of the day across your account has an increased chance to contain the X-45 Heartbreaker!




You can purchase a Lovely Dress Box from the Lovely Merchant for 20 Love Tokens. It can contain:

You can purchase a Dinner Suit Box from the Lovely Merchant for 20 Love Tokens. It can contain:


Fool For Love

Fool For Love is the meta achievement for this event. Completing it will reward you with the Love Fool title.

To obtain this achievement you have to create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets. This is covered extensively in the top section of this guide.

For this achievement you will have to follow certain steps in a specific order to obtain it:

  • Buy enough alcohol to get completely smashed. You can also use some of the toys from Pandaria or the Brewfest if you have them.
  • Buy any Perfume (NOT Cologne) and a Handful of Rose Petals from the Lovely Merchant
  • Find Jeremiah Payson in Undercity (Horde)/Sraaz in Ironforge (Alliance)
  • Get completely drunk
  • Use the perfume on yourself
  • Use the Handful of Rose Petals on Jeremiah/Sraaz
  • Use the /kiss emote on Jeremiah/Sraaz, and the achievement is yours!

This achievement is obtained by finishing a questline that starts with Something Stinks (Horde)/Something Stinks (Alliance)

For this achievement you have to complete each of the Gift daily quests in each of your faction's capital cities. The quests require you to create a Lovely Charm Bracelet for each of your faction's leaders. Creating the Bracelets is covered extensively in the top portion of this guide.

All the chocolates for this achievement can be obtained by opening a Box of Chocolates, which you can buy from the Lovely Merchant for 10 Love Tokens. Keep in mind that a single box may not contain all the chocolates for the achievement, but you should be able to complete it in less than 3 boxes.

Note: You might want to check the "Lonely?" achievement before eating a Buttermilk Delight if you only have 1, as it is required for both achievements.

The Bouquet of Red Roses and the Bouquet of Ebon Roses can be obtained from certain bosses of Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm dungeons. There is conflicting information on which dungeons, difficulties and bosses have a 100% drop chance for these items, but The Stonecore in Deepholm on both Normal and Heroic modes, seem to be the safest bet.

For this achievement you have to shoot 10 players with Silver Shafted Arrow, which you can buy in stacks of 5from the Lovely Merchant for 5 Love Tokens.

To complete this achievement you need to follow certain steps in a specific order:

  • Obtain and learn the Romantic Picnic Basket toy from the Lovely Vendor. It costs 10 Love Tokens.
  • Buy and open Box of Chocolates until you get a Buttermilk Delight. You can buy the boxes from the Lovely Merchant for 10 Love Tokens.
  • Find another player that wants to help out. You can both get the achievement in one go if you both meet the requirements. The Achievements Discord is a great place to find other people to do achievements.
  • Go to Northrend Dalaran (Broken Isles Dalaran won't do it) and use the Picnic Basket.
  • Both players should now click on the Picnic Basket to sit down. Using the /sit command doesn't work.
  • Wait for both players to obtain the Romantic Picnic buff.
  • Eat your Buttermilk Delight and the achievement is yours! Note that only the player who wants the achievement needs to eat the chocolate, although both can obtain it as long as both players eat the chocolate.

For this achievement you need to shoot 10 Love Rocket in 20 seconds or less. You can buy the rockets in stacks of 5 from the Lovely Merchant, for 5 Love Tokens per stack. It is recommended that you drag the item to your hotbar and use a keybind to use them to avoid going too slow.

To obtain this achievement you will have to find every race/class combo listed on the achievement, and use a Handful of Rose Petals on them.
You can use them on yourself if you meet the required class/race combination. Level 1 characters can be used to complete this, so having another player helping out makes it very easy. Once again, the Achievements Discord is useful to find people to do the achievement.

The Bag of Heart Candies needed for the achievement can be bought from the Lovely Merchant for 2 Love Tokens. Each bag has 10 charges, and every charge has a chance to create a different Heart Candy. You'll have to buy a few bags if you're not lucky on the first one.

This achievement requires you to use a Love Fool in 5 specific locations, and /pity them. You will have to buy 5 different Fools, as they have only 1 charge per item. You can NOT use the Sturdy Love Fool as a replacement. The locations are:

  • Wintergrasp: Located in Northrend. You can place the Fool anywhere except inside the fortress, as it will instantly disappear and waste it.
  • Arathi Basin Blacksmith: You will have to queue for a Battleground in Arathi Basin, and then head to the Blacksmith area. As long as your map says "Blacksmith" you're good.
  • Naxxramas: Located in Dragonblight, Northrend. You will have to enter the instance and use the Fool anywhere inside. The area around the summoning stone will not count for the achievement.
  • Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena: Located in Stranglethorn Valley, southern Eastern Kingdoms. You will have to drop down to the PvP-only area for it to count for the achievement.
  • The Culling of Stratholme: Located in the Caverns of Time, Tanaris. You will have to enter the instance to place the Fool. Anywhere inside works.

Other Achievements

These are the achievements that aren't part of Fool For Love, but still belong to the Love is in the Air holiday:

This achievement is obtained by purchasing a Truesilver Shafted Arrow from the Lovely Merchant for 40 Love Tokens.

For this achievement you need to loot a Lovely Black Dress from the Lovely Dress Box. It's a 1 in 4 chance, so it might take you a few tries. Each box costs 20 Love Tokens. Buying the dress from the Auction House won't grant you the achievement, you must loot it from the box.

To obtain this achievement you need to finish the event dungeon, Crown & Chemical Co. Apothecaries and loot one of the necklaces they drop. The necklaces drop from the bosses themselves and not the daily reward, allowing you to queue unlimited times until you get it. Once you get the necklace, you have to equip it, wait for its cooldown, and use it. Since it's a necklace, you don't need to loot the one specific for your class/role.

To get this achievement you will need someone else to use Manufactured Love Prism on you until you have 10/25/50 charges of Love Ray on you. You can purchase the Love Prism from the Lovely Merchant for 40 Love Tokens. The Love Prism has a 30 second cooldown, and the Love Ray buff lasts 5 minutes. This was changed in 6.2 from a 1 minute CD and 10 sec duration, making this achievement much easier to obtain now.

Getting more people to do this achievement speeds it up quite a bit. You can find people to do this achievement in the Achievements Discord.

Heirloom Upgrades

Miscellaneous Items

During this event you will also be able to spend your extra Love Tokens on other holiday-flavoured goodies. Here's what you can buy: