In this guide we will be looking at the which drops from the rare NPC Aeonaxx.

TypeZoneSpawn TimerExpansion



2 - 8 hours


General Information

  • This mount is obtained after mounting Aeonaxx.
  • Due to recent changes you now receive the mount upon mounting, you will also receive another in your mailbox once you kill Aeonaxx which is not tradable.
  • Aeonaxx can not be shared with anyone, only the person who mounts him.
  • He shares a spawn timer with a rare NPC called
  • The spawn timer for Blood Seeker is 15 seconds, so you'll be very lucky to see him.
  • Aeonaxx has 6 spawn locations all which you can target inside the temple.
  • Aeonaxx will fly in a small circle where he spawns.
  • There is a 1/16 chance of Aeonaxx spawning rather than Blood Seeker.

Target Marco

  • This marco works for various rares, including Aeonaxx and Blood Seeker.
  • It was made by Yuyuli a contributor over at the WoW Secret Finding Discord.

/tar Time-Lost
/tar Aeonaxx
/tar Blood Seeker
/tar Poseidus
/tar Vyragosa
/run local N = UnitName("Target");if N and (N=="Aeonaxx" or string.find(N,"Time-Lost") or N=="Poseidus") then PlaySound(13363);print(date(),N,"Found");SetRaidTarget("target",8);end

Spawn Locations

/way Deepholm 42, 47 North West #1
/way Deepholm 44, 43 North West #2
/way Deepholm 51, 43 North East
/way Deepholm 42, 60 South West #1
/way Deepholm 47, 57 South West #2
/way Deepholm 52, 64 South East


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  • Yuyuli
  • WoW Secrets Contributor Team