Music from Shadowlands: Eternity’s End

Blizzard has shared a playlist of music from Shadowlands: Eternity's End.

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Let the entrancing music of Eternity’s End take you on an auditory journey like no other.

Music from Shadowlands: Eternity's End

0:00:00 - Zereth Mortis Intro by Glenn Stafford
0:11:02 - Zereth Mortis Barren by Glenn Stafford
0:21:55 - Zereth Mortis Tranquility by Glenn Stafford
0:38:27 - Forge of Afterlives by Glenn Stafford
0:52:05 - Zereth Mortis Mystery by Glenn Stafford
0:58:08 - Inside the Crypts by Jake Lefkowitz
1:04:06 - Cosmic Crypts by Jake Lefkowitz
1:12:39 - Untamed Verdure by Jake Lefkowitz
1:19:55 - Winds of Verdure by Jake Lefkowitz
1:26:08 - Found in Faith by Jake Lefkowitz
1:35:36 - Creation Catalyst by Jake Lefkowitz
1:42:34 - Lexical Glades by Jake Lefkowitz
1:49:09 - Jailers Chain by Jake Lefkowitz
1:56:01 - Grand Design by Jake Lefkowitz
2:20:51 - Ephemeral Plains by Jake Lefkowitz
2:40:10 - Celestial Battle by Jake Lefkowitz
3:00:03 - Celestial Battle by Jake Lefkowitz, Neal Acree
3:07:12 - Celestial Battle by Jake Lefkowitz, Glenn Stafford
3:13:46 - Celestial Battle by Jake Lefkowitz
3:15:15 - Celestial Battle by Neal Acree
3:24:14 - Compassion by David Arkenstone

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