Seize Two Sets of the Dreadlord’s Regalia

Two new transmog sets of the Dreadlord's Regalia are now available in one pack on the Blizzard Shop!

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Beware the deep shadows, for the dreadlords are the masters of dark sorcery, preferring to manipulate and undermine their enemies from the darkest places. The Unseen are cruel and cunning schemers, adept in illusion and disguise. Now, you can clothe yourself in their raiment when you acquire two color variants in one pack.

The Dreadlord's Regalia Pack* includes:

  • Dreadlord's Venombane Set**
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Helm
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Shoulderpads
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Tunic
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Sash
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Breeches
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Wristband
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Grips
    • Dreadlord's Venombane Wings
  • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Set**
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Helm
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Shoulderpads
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Tunic
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Sash
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Breeches
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Wristband
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Grips
    • Dreadlord's Shadowbane Wings

* Requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time.
** Not available in World of Warcraft® Classic games.