WoW Synthwave Beats to Chill To: Journey to BlizzCon

Blizzard has released a new Synthwave Beats video on YouTube, featuring Orgrimmar-themed music!

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There are two weeks until BlizzCon®, so we’re bringing some energy-infused beats from Azeroth. Join Thrall on his ride through Durotar as you wait.

These Synthwave tunes were mixed by Jason Charles Miller (who is also the voice of Prince Valanar in Mists of Pandaria and High Commander Goodchilde in Legion) and Jamison Boaz of Rezodrone.

WoW Synthwave Beats to Chill To: Journey to BlizzCon

0:00:00 - Orgrimmar by Jason Hayes
0:04:33 - Thrall Aggra by Glenn Stafford
0:09:35 - Orc 2 Orc by Glenn Stafford, Jake Lefkowitz
0:15:43 - Barrens by Jason Hayes

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